5 Reasons to Consign with Crazy Richard

5 Reasons to Consign with Crazy Richard

1) Save Time and Money!

Crazy Richard handles all of the expense aspects of selling your item. You don’t have to put money down to sell it, you don’t have to monitor your item night and day online, and we handle all of the inventory management and shipping for you. Sit back and relax - Crazy Richard will sell your item and put cash in your pocket!

2) Zero Inventory Costs

Some consignment shops charge to list your item or charge to keep your item in their inventory. Not Crazy Richard. We don’t get paid until your item sells – and when it does sell, we both get paid!

3) Transparency

Crazy Richard charges one flat rate of 45% after your item sells! You don’t pay a dime ahead of time and after it sells, you keep 55% of the profits! You will barely have to lift a finger – not to mention you don’t have to worry about any additional fees: no shipping fees, no merchant fees, and no eBay fees. We got you covered!

4) No risk to selling your items!

When you use Crazy Richard to sell your items, you’re not putting yourself at risk in any way. We handle all the business end terms and conditions with our various selling mediums. You will either make money selling your item through Crazy Richard, or your item will be returned to you at no cost to you!

5) Its Good for the Environment

It sounds crazy to say that consigning is good for the environment, but it is true! Manufacturing new items requires growing crops like cotton which wastes about 60% of the water it uses, and pesticides used to preserve the cotton runoff into nearby waterways. By recycling new, like new, and lightly used items, we can reduce the environmental impact that manufacturing new items has on the environment. In summary, you will make money and help the environment at the same time!

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