Shipping Related Information

Shipping to Crazy Richard and Packing Instructions
All items should be packed carefully to avoid damage during shipment. Items should not be able to move around freely in the package. The use of bubble wrap and/or newspaper should be used to cushion the items to prevent breakage.
You will be notified, via email, for any items that do arrive damaged or broken. Crazy Richard is not responsible for items that are damaged during transit.
Order Tracking
For your convenience, after registering on our website, we will email you a prepaid and pre-addressed shipping label for UPS delivery. You can then schedule a pickup or take the box to your local UPS drop off. (link to ups)

You will be able to track your shipment with the tracking number on the label to verify safe delivery to the Crazy Richard facility. Should your box be lost during transit, UPS covers the loss or damage, at no extra cost, for up to $100.00 on shipments with no declared value.