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Our Happy Customers

Charo Rogers
Aug 19, 2021

I stopped in the store for something else... had no idea it was a consingment / ebay store. While chatting I saw a novelty item sellling for $50. I really wanted it so I'm like here's my $50 and was ready to take it off their hands. However, another person had reserved it although they hadn't been back to get it. So he did not sell it to me. I thought that was honorable. It had been a long while so he could have easily sold it to me and just given the other buyer their deposit back.

Barry Dieterly
Sep 04, 2020

He is probably one of the most honest men I know. I have known and dealt with him for quite a number of years and ANY TIME there was a problem he straightened things out in short order. I look forward to doing business with Richard for many years to come.

Nov 05, 2019

I have been consigning items to Crazy Richard Sold It for about three years. They do a great job photographing the items, with several photos or more, and add a brief description as well. They always set a fair Buy It Now price on Ebay, with a Best Offer option. The Best Offer option is very important, as it allows Ebay buyers to make a fair offer for an item, and buyers frequent Ebay seller sites who have this option much more often. This has helped my items sell quicker. I always have realistic expectations for what I give them to sell. The better an item, the quicker it will sell, and the more money I receive. I have always been paid promptly. If you want to have success with your items, look at their Ebay site to see what they sell, and what sells for a good price. Crazy Richard Sold It has been an excellent way to turn things laying around my house into cash!

Giovanna The Lioness
Jan 02, 2019

I didn't give them my stuff but they were very helpful. They sell your stuff for you on sites and tell you when they sold it. They said they give you 55% of the profit. Seems like a ok deal for someone who doesn't need money upfront and who wants to get rid of stuff and doesn't wanna sell it themselves.

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From iPads, watches, jewelry, and more, Crazy Richard sells a large variety of new and used items at affordable prices.