We are first and foremost a consignment shop. This means that our customers take their new and gently used items to us to see if we can sell them online.


We analyze each product individually on a variety of quality assurance factors. If it passes our rigorous tests, then we try to sell it in store or online through a variety of online selling platforms.


We have transparent consignor agreements and years of experience to ensure that your items get sold online as quickly as possible and for as much as possible - meaning more money in your pocket

Steps to get Started!

1.) Contact

Contact Crazy Richard to inform him or his team about the items you want to sell. Richard and his team will take a look at your potential product. Feel free to email us photos, bring your items by our store, or mail them in (we assist with mailing!).

2.) Research

After, we will begin the consignment process, research the going rate for your item, and put your items online for the highest sellable price!

3.) Wait

Yes there is some waiting involved, but it varies item to item! High-demand items sell within 24 hours of us posting them online, others may take a few weeks to sell. In the meantime, you can check the status of your item here on our website!

4.) Make Money!

Once sold, we split the gross sale price 50:50 (50% to you, and 50% for us). There are no hidden fees here. A $100 item sold, means $50 in your pocket!
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